MickaŽl Galvaire

Technical Architecture
Consulting - Training
IT Engineering
Mainframe IBM MVS z/OS SYSPLEX Expertise

Welcome to my on-line CV

What a great luck I've had to write my first professional lines of code on a 3270 green screen ! I've had this big opportunity to be in the hands of a patient MVS Guru, who transmitted me his passion for Enterprises Systems.

My career evolved in the MVS traditional way : from operator to system engineer, stepping through the various Production/exploitation jobs. My experience grew while working for different kind of enterprises, from Bank to Retail through Mail order selling. The projects I've been taking part in were then not only restricted to technical part on the mainframe platform. Then, through Sogeti, I've been able to multiply experiences from higly technical to international project management for different customers aiming different policies and objectives : La Banque Postale,AGIRC-ARRCO GIE, DNSCE, Air France, Thales Alenia Space ...

In 2013, I turn into a software editor during a job in partnership with CA technologies, and start a new Training activity on my own to help in transmitting this Mainframe virus I caught more than 15 years ago...

In 2014, after some more organization experiences, CA technologies puts again its trust in me for two software migrations for Casino IT and BP2I.

2015 is (at last - for I've been living near its datacenter for 7 years) the year I meet Airbus's Mainframe (during the MSN5D migration project then through the ICA2 team)

In 2016, I build my own structure ProZ to gather my mainframe services and training jobs. I currently work through Inside, for La Banque Postale as a technical expert on the flows administation (CFT, MQ...)

Today, my personal professional project is unchanged : bring my expertise to the enterprises technical infrastructure projects, advice for building or consolidating IT architectures, maintain and renew mainframe skills with the training activity.

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